Danny Ainge’s Twitter is full of dad jokes, eyeball emojis, and Celtics chatter

Danny Ainge joined Twitter in October 2012, but it took the Celtics president of basketball operations nearly two years to fire off his first tweet: a video of his ALS ice bucket challenge.

The 58-year-old’s feed initially stayed rather dormant, but steadily become more active. Nowadays, it seems like Ainge can’t get enough of the laughing face, eyeball, and biceps emojis, as he has begun to hit send more frequently on the site whose logo is named after Celtics legend Larry Bird.

Here’s a look at topics that define the executive’s social media presence:

His family

Tanner Ainge’s congressional campaign dominated his dad’s tweets for a period of time, as the father of six was a staunch supporter of his son’s unsuccessful run for the U.S. House of Representatives. Danny Ainge did use the opportunity to crack jokes, including that Tanner could tackle national debt like he tackled Tree Rollins in 1983.


When news broke that Danny and his wife had contributed $250,000 to political action committee in honor of Tanner, Ainge was back at it with another quip:

His son Crew made an appearance in a #DriveByDunkChallenge tweet to furiously dunk on Danny.

The Oregon native also shared a video of his own father, flaunting the underhand free throw technique a la Rick Barry. He hashtagged the tweet with #bestdad and #bestcoach.

Celtics chatter

Members of his immediate family aren’t the only ones to feel the love, however, as Ainge proudly expresses his adoration and appreciation for the Celtics. He regularly welcomes new additions to the team, sends happy birthday wishes, and issues good luck or congratulations.

In addition to retweeting pictures from players and the team’s account, Ainge is a fan of quote-tweeting individuals with some bonus comedy.

Patriots fandom

Other teams on the receiving end of Ainge’s support include his alma mater, BYU, and the New England Patriots.

Amid the fallout of the Deflategate controversy, Ainge was evidently in quarterback Tom Brady’s corner. He shared multiple tweets defending the Super Bowl champ and even accidentally tagged a British rugby player who shares the same name. In that same tweet, he also gave a shoutout to one of his favorite politicians: former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney.


At his Super Bowl 50 watch party, he shared a photo of a spread that of course featured his favorite burrito joint: Chipotle.

The next time New England advanced to the big game, Ainge prophetically tweeted, “I believe in miracles,” when the Patriots were up against the historic 28-3 deficit.