After flying across the Atlantic Ocean, does Kyrie Irving still think the Earth is flat?

"I'm not a scientist."

Kyrie Irving interviewed on "The Starters." Screenshot via YouTube

Kyrie Irving may just be trolling us.

But after the Celtics’ flight across the Atlantic Ocean this week for Thursday’s game in London, it begged asking (even if it wasn’t the Australian-born point guard’s first flight across the world): Does Irving still think the Earth is flat?

Tas Melas, a co-host of the NBATV show and podcast The Starters, put the question to him Wednesday.

“I felt like that question was gonna come,” Irving said.

“For me it’s not about whether the Earth is flat or whether the Earth is round,” he continued. “It’s really about just everyone just believing what they want to believe and feeling comfortable with it.”


Of course, the flat-Earth theory is easily debunked. But there is growing concern about the recent prevalence of such unscientific conspiracy theories.

“I’m not a scientist,” Irving continued Wednesday, borrowing a line that’s popular among other science skeptics.

“I’m not here to tell everyone that this is it,” he said. “For me, it’s just giving everyone a chance to do their own research and find their own knowledge, rather than just having knowledge shoved to you.”

Find your knowledge, indeed. As The Starters co-host J.E. Skeet deadpanned as the show cut back to studio, “The guy is deep.”