Brad Stevens threw cold water on the rumblings about Gordon Hayward returning this season

Even if Hayward is getting pretty good at shooting from that chair.

Brad Stevens
Boston-01/18/18- Boston Celtics vs 76ers- Cetics coach Brad Stevens looks on late in the 4th qtr as the Celtics shoot a foul throw. JohnTlumacki/The Boston Globe John Tlumack i /The Boston Globe

Despite the rehab videos and nagging speculation, Celtics coach Brad Stevens re-articulated Saturday what the team has always said about Gordon Hayward returning this season.

Don’t count on it.

“We don’t anticipate him being back this season,” Stevens said Saturday, according to ESPN’s Chris Forsberg. However, the Celtics coach did acknowledge Hayward’s work on his shot, despite his fractured left angle.

“Like, he’s a heck of a standstill shooter now,” Stevens said. “And he’s really good in a chair, too.”

Hayward hasn’t ruled out returning this season, but medical experts have said that given the severity of his injury he wouldn’t be 100 percent if he did.


In the meantime, Hayward has indeed been practicing his shot, from the chair and otherwise.