Here’s how ‘Scary Terry’ Rozier came to be a thing

Terry Rozier Boston Celtics
The Celtics' Terry Rozier signals and celebrates after hitting a fourth quarter three point shot. –Jim Davis/Globe Staff

On Jan. 31, with Celtics point guards Kyrie Irving, Marcus Smart, and Shane Larkin all sidelined with injuries, Terry Rozier drew his first career start. Rozier responded by registering his first ever triple-double and leading Boston to a win over the Knicks. Two nights later he poured in a career-high 31 points in a win over the Hawks, and two nights after that he drilled a jump-shot with 14 seconds left that helped send the Celtics to a 1-point win over the Blazers.

On a Celtics team that is somewhat devoid of personality, Rozier’s humor and everyman qualities had already become endearing, particularly to a loyal subset of fans on Twitter and Reddit. Rozier’s representatives at Verus Management had been tracking his popularity on social media channels and seen how even the most basic Rozier-related quips and quotes seemed to resonate, and now this three-game burst had made him a bit more mainstream. It was an opportunity to build his brand.


Rozier, who already has his own personal clothing line, has a deep love for fashion. So Terry shirts seemed like an obvious choice. But they needed something catchy, something that would pop, something that would, well, get some retweets.