Kevin Garnett called the game-winner from the ‘Morris twin’

Kevin Garnett
Kevin Garnett gestures on the set of "Area 21." –Ted Pio-Roda/Turner Sports via AP

Kevin Garnett might not know Marcus Morris’s first name, but he knew the Celtics forward was going to knock down his game-winning three.

Jayson Tatum drove into the lane and found Morris on the wing with the Celtics trailing by two late in Tuesday night’s game against Oklahoma City. Morris pump faked, waited till the defender flew past, and swished the the three-pointer with 1.2 seconds left to beat the Thunder 100-99.

Garnett was watching the Celtics’ comeback on his show, “Area 21” on TNT. About a minute before the game-winner, The retired Celtics star told former point guard Rod Strickland that Morris was ready for the moment.


“The Morris twin will end up shooting this or something because he’s like, ‘I’m about the moment,'” he said.

Garnett switched his prediction to Terry Rozier, then Al Horford as the clock ticked down, but emphatically yelled “I told you” before the ball left Morris’s hands at the last.

The former Defensive Player of the Year, who led the Big Three to a title in 2008, said there’s a special energy in the TD Garden that lends itself to those magical occasions.

“Soon as you come in, you think the A.C. on or something. Ain’t no A.C. on,” Garnett said. “You’re like ‘Woo!’ You look up, man, if those banner don’t do nothing to you, you don’t have a pulse. All that history, man, you got that history looking down on you.”

Garnett also mentioned that he thinks the Celtics will get rid of Marcus Smart because Terry Rozier’s play makes him expendable, but implored Danny Ainge to “keep it all together, man.” Perhaps the general manager’s decision to deal Kendrick Perkins to the Thunder in 2011 is still weighing on Garnett’s mind.

“Danny be overthinking things and messing it all up,” he said.


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