Kyrie Irving got a credit in the most recent episode of ‘Family Guy’

Meet "Vernon The Water Bear."

Kyrie Irving looks on before a game against the Philadelphia 76ers at TD Garden.


After starring in his first feature film, “Uncle Drew,” Celtics point guard Kyrie Irving is making moves in the television industry.

Irving lent his voice to “Vernon The Water Bear” in Sunday night’s episode of “Family Guy” titled “Big Trouble in Little Quahog.” As one of the main characters, Stewie, described, water bears are “predominantly water-dwelling, eight-legged segmented micro-animals.” They are also known as moss piglets or tardigrades.

“You can call me tardy, but I’m always on time,” Irving’s character, Vernon, joked.

In the episode — the fourth of the animated series’ 17th season — another character, Brian, teases Stewie for his small stature. Stewie then invents a shrinking machine to miniaturize Brian. After relishing in his prank, Stewie is in the process of switching Brian back to his normal size when a rat snatches mini Brian and brings him into his rat hole in the wall. Stewie then must also shrink himself to rescue Brian.


While Stewie successfully saves Brian from the rat, the pair then gets vacuumed by Stewie’s mother, Lois, sparking a series of adventures in their effort to revert to normal size. While lost in the carpet at one point, they meet Vernon (Irving’s character) and other water bears, who agree to help them in exchange for water.

Irving shared a clip of the episode on Instagram Sunday night.