Sports Q: Do the Celtics need to make a trade?

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Boston Celtics guard Jaylen Brown during the second half of an NBA basketball game in Boston on Wednesday, Jan. 9, 2019. The Celtics defeated the Pacers 135-108. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa) –AP Photo/Charles Krupa

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Do the Celtics need to make a trade like Charles Barkley said? The video with Marcus Morris and Jaylen Brown getting into it doesn’t exactly make it look like all is well. – Paul T.


Well, first, I’m not really sure what to make of the video. I suppose it could be something that has been festering. But the timeline suggested, as broken down by NBC Sports Boston’s Chris Forsberg, that Morris was on Brown for not hustling back on defense a minute before. If that’s the case, good for Morris, though punctuating it with a shove probably isn’t a good idea.

As for Barkley’s thoughts, I’m curious whether he’s been watching the Celtics at all lately, or if he just based it on what he saw against Miami. They were lethargic Thursday night, and even though it was the back half of a back-to-back, it wasn’t that much of an excuse. No starter played more than 25 minutes in the thumping of the Pacers Wednesday, and Brown played the most of anyone at 28 minutes and 44 seconds. They should have had their sea legs Thursday. They should have been much better.

But that’s the thing that Barkley ignores or doesn’t know – they have been much better lately. They’d come in having won four in a row and seven of nine. Better, they were playing unselfishly, with more than 30 assists in each of the four straight wins. It looked like the lineup issues that had vexed Brad Stevens early in the season had been figured out.


I believe they still have, and Thursday was just an unfortunate and temporary step back. The Marcuses have stabilized the starting lineup – Marcus Smart is the grinder Barkley suggested they still need – and Gordon Hayward and Brown too have had some superb moments lately off the bench.

Terry Rozier’s crossover-crossover-pull-up-from-18-feet moves still drive me nuts, but he’s a good player who shouldn’t be given away. The status quo is the way to go.

But what does everyone else think? Do the Celtics need to make a trade? I’ll hear you in the comments.

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