Jaylen Brown among those to show support for Colin Kaepernick during Super Bowl week


Jaylen Brown swoops in for a first-quarter layup Wednesday.
Jaylen Brown swoops in for a first-quarter layup Wednesday. –Barry Chin / Globe Staff

ATLANTA — Celtics forward Jaylen Brown was among the several athletes and celebrities to show support for former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick during Super Bowl week.

For Boston’s afternoon game against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Super Bowl Sunday, Brown arrived at TD Garden sporting a black hoodie under a black No. 7 jersey that read #IMWITHKAP” across the front.

It’s not the first time Brown has stood in solidarity with Kaepernick, who hasn’t played in the NFL since he started kneeling during the national anthem to protest police brutality. Brown donated $10,000 to Kaepernick’s “Million Dollar Pledge” program in February 2018, and he also attended Kaepernick’s W.E.B. Dubois Medal ceremony at Harvard in October.


“A perfect example of athletes being able to use their voice and advocate in my opinion is Colin Kaepernick,” Brown said during an “Askwith Forum” at the Harvard Graduate School of Education in March. “Whether you liked, disliked, agreed with what he said or disagreed with what he said, he made people uncomfortable.

“That was the most significant ingredient to me: the uncomfortable. Because for the last 250, 260-plus years, there’s been a certain group of people who have been a lot more comfortable than others. So, it’s time to get uncomfortable. It’s time to experience. It’s time to put yourself in somebody else’s shoes.”

Earlier in the week, NBA superstars Kevin Durant and LeBron James wore the same outfit. Several musical artists, including rappers Chamillionaire and Trey Songz, have also voiced their support.


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