Paul Pierce thinks the Celtics-Bucks series is ‘over’

"As a team, I don't know where Milwaukee goes from here."

Paul Pierce ESPN Celtics
Paul Pierce in 2018. Matthew J. Lee / The Boston Globe

The Celtics took a 1-0 lead in their second round playoff series against the Bucks on Sunday, but one of the team’s former stars already thinks Boston has won.

Paul Pierce, now an analyst on ESPN, doesn’t see a scenario where the Bucks win at this point.

“As a team, I don’t know where Milwaukee goes from here,” Pierce began. Asked by Michelle Beadle if the series is “over,” Pierce said he thinks it is.

“No listen, I think it’s over,” Pierce answered.

Pierce elaborated on why, explaining that Boston has a greater wealth of team talent compared with the Bucks, who are centered on Giannis Antetokounmpo.


“It just seemed like Milwaukee was a way better team throughout the regular season, but when I watched this today, if Giannis doesn’t have a monster game, and somebody else besides him doesn’t step up, Boston is just going to out-talent them.”