Morning sports update: Jared Dudley thinks the Nets will get a ‘sit-down’ with Kyrie Irving during the offseason

"The Clippers can do two max slots. So can Brooklyn."

Kyrie Irving against the Bucks in Game 1.

The Celtics lost in Game 2 against the Bucks, 123-102. Milwaukee evened the series at 1-1. The Bruins also lost, falling to the Blue Jackets 2-1. Columbus also now leads the series, 2-1.

It was the first time both the Bruins and Celtics lost playoff games on the same day since May 7, 2010.

The Red Sox, on a brighter note, won 5-1 against the Athletics behind eight shutout innings from Rick Porcello.

Jared Dudley’s take on the upcoming offseason: Former Boston College standout Jared Dudley, who just completed his 12th NBA season, thinks that his current team (the Nets) are a potential destination for some of the league’s top free agents.


He explained his thoughts in an interview with New York Times basketball writers Marc Stein:

I really believe that it should be in the top three for any top free agent. No matter where you’re at. Do free agents want to play for the Knicks or the Lakers? Or the Clippers or Brooklyn? People talk about those teams like it’s a negative, because they’re not the big name in town — and it’s not. But the Clippers can do two max slots. So can Brooklyn.

I didn’t promote every team I’ve ever been on. When I left the Clippers in 2014, if anything, I don’t want to use the word “bashed,” but I might have bashed them. It wasn’t a good experience for me. I didn’t have the Steve Ballmer experience. But I give them props now. They’ve done a 180 over there. From the front office changes to Doc Rivers focusing more on coaching to bringing in Jerry West — give them credit.

I’m not here just to toot Brooklyn’s horn. I’ve sold Brooklyn to other players just because you’d want the same thing. Players want to know the good organizations from the bad.

Asked directly if he thinks Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant (who can both become unrestricted free agents this summer) would consider the Nets, Dudley was straightforward.

“I would be shocked if the Nets don’t get a sit-down.”

Trivia: The last time the Bruins and Celtics lost playoff games on the same day (May 7, 2010), it was at the hands of the Philadelphia Flyers and Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavs were led by LeBron James, who scored 38 points. Which Cavs player was second on the team in points in that game? (Check the bottom of the article for the answer).

Hint: He was drafted and immediately traded in 1998 for his college teammate. Both were picked in the top five.

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On this day: In 2006, the Red Sox attempted a change in direction regarding the backup catcher position. Boston traded the dependable Doug Mirabelli to the Padres, eventually acquring Josh Bard — seven years younger than Mirabelli — to assume the backup role behind Jason Varitek.

The only problem was that Bard couldn’t catch Tim Wakefield’s knuckleball. In Wakefield’s first five starts in 2006, Bard gave up a then-league leading 10 passed balls.

Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein decided to amend the early season issue by simply reacquiring Mirabelli (who had been a part of the 2004 World Series team). Luckily, the timing couldn’t have been better. The Padres’ decision to sign Mike Piazza meant Mirabelli was looking to leave (as his playing time had decreased significantly). Epstein executed the traded to bring back a fan favorite.

Boston faced an immediate crisis when it appeared Mirabelli — traveling back to Fenway Park from San Diego — might not make it in time for the start of a Red Sox-Yankees game that Wakefield was scheduled to pitch. Fortunately, the Massachusetts State Police was on the case.

In what remains a truly classic (albeit benign) abuse of power in Massachusetts, Mirabelli was given a ride to the stadium from Logan Airport in a police car. He changed into his uniform during the ride.


The Red Sox beat the Yankees that day 7-3, with Mirabelli allowing no passed balls and throwing out Bubba Crosby as he tried to steal second base in the 3rd inning. For more on this event, read the oral history that Tim Healey wrote in 2016.


Daily highlight: Missouri baseball keeps it interesting.

Trivia answer: Antawn Jamison