Micah Shrewsberry explained why he left his Celtics assistant coach position

"They could be with you for six months, a year, six years. But you never know. That’s hard."

Micah Shrewsberry
Boston Celtics assistant coach Micah Shrewsberry gestures to players in 2018. –AP Photo/Charles Krupa

Micah Shrewsberry is leaving his role as Celtics assistant coach to return to the Purdue coaching staff. He was an assistant with the Boilermakers for two years before rejoining his old Butler boss, Brad Stevens, in Boston in 2013.

Shrewsberry, who helped build the Celtics’ defense, will now work with a Purdue team that lost in overtime to eventual national champion Virginia in the Elite Eight in March.

The Indiana native noted his personality is “more geared toward the college side.”

“I’m a relationships guy,” Shrewsberry told The Athletic. “If you would ask anybody that’s run across me, I value relationships, continuing and maintaining and having those. That’s something you get in college.

“You recruit a guy from the time he’s 16 years old. You see them through college and then after college. Seeing the guys you’ve coached and seeing them come back and have their families and watch them grow from who they were in high school to men, it’s just a different deal than you get in the NBA.”

The Celtics roster changes this offseason could underline his point. Boston has seven players either set to hit free agency or with the option to do so, including Kyrie Irving, Al Horford, and Terry Rozier.

“You get a chance to build relationships in the NBA,” Shrewsberry said. “The guys I had a chance to spend time with in Boston, I’m always going to value the guys that we had on our team, but we had a lot of guys on our team.

“There could be guys that are there with you for 10 days. They could be with you for a month. They could be with you for six months, a year, six years. But you never know. That’s hard.”

During the Celtics first-round series against the Pacers, Stevens noted that Shrewsberry was one of the first two people he called when he was hired in Boston, adding, “I’m super thankful Mike did, he made my life easier.”

The Celtics have not announced a replacement.