Their odds are slim, but the Celtics will watch the draft lottery closely

The Celtics will be tracking where the Kings' and Grizzlies' picks fall Tuesday.

NBA Draft
The NBA draft lottery will be Tuesday night. –The Associated Press

In recent years, the NBA draft lottery has provided perhaps the finest example of Danny Ainge’s wizardry.

The lottery is generally reserved for bottom-feeders, for teams hoping to find some luck so they can find their way out of the doldrums. But the maneuvering of the Celtics’ president of basketball operations has often allowed Boston to work on two timelines — fielding a talented playoff roster while also taking a seat on the lottery stage and hoping for even more.

And Tuesday night in Chicago will be no different. The Celtics will once again be represented at the drawing, this time with a keen interest in the draft picks of two other teams. And while the chances of striking gold this time are minuscule, the fact that Boston is in position to add two more high picks is significant: The Celtics will receive the Kings’ pick in next month’s draft as long as it is not the No. 1 overall choice, in which case it would go to the 76ers and the Celtics would receive Philadelphia’s 24th overall choice instead.