Paul Pierce said the Raptors would win in six games. He was right.

"Y'all thought I was a curse."

Paul Pierce. Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Paul Pierce finally got something…right?

After the Toronto Raptors won the 2019 NBA championship for the first time in NBA history, Pierce used it as an opportunity to say I-told-you-so after predicting the Raptors would win the title, specifically in six games.

The victory marked not only the end to the Golden State Warriors’ championship-run, but also the end to what fans have been calling the ‘Paul Pierce Curse.’  After some of Pierce’s predictions throughout the playoffs have turned out wrong, NBA fans began to believe that he shared the same ‘curse’ Raptors fan and global ambassador Drake also had: whatever they predicted, the opposite would happen.


Pierce first was wrong in the Milwaukee-Boston series. After the Celtics won Game 1, he stated that the Celtics would ‘out talent’ the Bucks and win the series. The opposite happened, and the Celtics got blown out four consecutive games. The Bucks poked fun at Pierce, tweeting:

Then, there were his predictions in Game 6 of the Rockets-Warriors series. He said Houston would ‘blow out’ Golden State by ’15 plus’ points, but he was wrong about that, too. The Warriors ended up winning 118-113, and fans mocked Pierce all over social media.

But after last night’s Raptors victory, Pierce finally had something to brag about. He took to Twitter to end the rumors that he was cursed.



“Who picked in six [games]? I’m just saying, who picked them in six?” Pierce asked repeatedly after the game on ESPN. He called the Raptors performance, “One of the single greatest runs by an individual I’ve seen,” and said that the Warriors loss was the, “End of a Dynasty.”

Let’s see if he’s right about that.