Tommy Heinsohn explains why Romeo Langford was at the top of his draft list

Heinsohn says Langford has 'all the stuff' the Celtics look for.

Tommy Heinsohn Mike Gorman Romeo Langford
Celtics broadcaster Tommy Heinsohn already had Romeo Langford pegged as the team's best option with the 14th overall pick. The Associated Press

Celtics legend and NBC Sports Boston broadcaster Tommy Heinsohn was pleased when the team selected Romeo Langford with the 14th overall pick in the NBA Draft Thursday.

In fact, he had already penciled Langford in as the Celtics’ best option before the draft.

In a post-draft analysis video featuring Heinsohn and broadcast partner Mike Gorman, Gorman showed the camera Heinsohn’s hand-written notes and pointed out that Heinsohn had Langford at the top of his list.

“[Langford’s] got all the stuff that they were looking for,” Heinsohn said. “He’s a very versatile player. He’s not a fabulous scorer, but he’s a potential point guard, he’s a potential scorer, and he’s a potential really good defender. He can play and defend a couple of different positions. So in their eyes – and I’m sure it’ll prove to be true – he’s just going to be a great all-around player.”


Heinsohn played for the Celtics from 1956-65 and coached the team from 1969-78.