‘Everything happens for a reason. Now I’m a Boston Celtic.’: Kemba Walker talked about why he chose to come to Boston

The Celtics point guard sat down with ESPN's Jackie MacMullan on July 17.

Newly acquired Boston Celtics guard Kemba Walker smiles during a news conference at the Celtics' basketball practice facility, Wednesday, July 17, 2019, in Boston. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)
Kemba Walker discussed his decision to play for the Celtics and more in an interview with ESPN. –(AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

Kemba Walker is “super excited” to be a Boston Celtic.

In an interview with ESPN’s Jackie MacMullan, that aired on July 17, Walker said he’s adjusting well to his move from Charlotte to Boston.

“It’s been amazing,” Walker said. “The feeling of being loved is something that everyone wants, and as soon as I got here, that’s the feeling I got.”

While he knows he’ll have a huge responsibility as the team’s new point guard, he isn’t afraid of the comparisons made between him and former Celtics guard, Kyrie Irving.

“I guess it’s going to come with the territory. It wasn’t a good season for those guys last year…Now that I’m coming in and taking Ky’s place, I know I’m going to be asked questions about him…We know how great of a player Kyrie Irving is and it just didn’t work out.”


He’s is, however, optimistic about his position on the team: “Hopefully I can come in and it works out, that’s my plan,” he said. When asked about why he chose the Celtics, Walker credited both the team’s success and head coach Brad Stevens in his decision.

“Boston was more appealing to me because of the amount of banners they have and how they compete on a night-in-night-out basis,” he said. “Coach Stevens, who’s a great coach, has had a lot of success in this league as a head coach. He’s a guy who was a factor in my decision as well.”

As far as his relationship with the other Celtics players, Walker said his leadership style will be tough when needed, but always considerate.

“You have to be [tough]. If there is something to be said, you can say it, [but] there is ways to say things. I would never say anything to bring a guy down, it’s all positive.”

Walker has been getting along well with his teammates so far. He called Jaylen Brown “down to Earth” and spent time with  Jayson Tatum in Paris for a Jordan Brand event. It was there that Tatum told him what to expect if he chose to join them in Boston.


“[Tatum] didn’t say come here.. It was more so about the city, about the fans, the atmosphere, Coach Stevens.”

Ultimately, he’s happy about his decision.

“As time went on I started to get so excited about change, a new situation. I think everything happens for a reason. Now I’m a Boston Celtic. I’m super excited.”