Nick Kyrgios continued to show his love affair with the Celtics before competing in the US Open

The Australian tennis player became a die-hard Celtics fan at a young age.

Nick Krygois wore Gordon Hayward's jersey during practice at the US Open. He will compete in the second round on Thursday.
Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgois wore Gordon Hayward's jersey during a practice session before the U.S. Open. –@k1ngkyrg1os via Getty Images

It’s no secret that Nick Kyrgios is a huge Celtics fan. The Australian tennis player has worn plenty of Celtics jerseys and apparel while working out in the past, and he took his appreciation one step forward by wearing Gordon Hayward’s jersey during a recent practice session before the U.S. Open.

Hayward returned the nod of support back to Kyrgios on Tuesday, tweeting that he would be “cheering” for Kyrgios during his first-round match with Steve Johnson.

Kyrgios detailed his fandom with the Celtics in a personal essay he wrote for the Players Tribune. He was first introduced to the team when he was 11 years old by playing the NBA Live video game, and despite the 14-hour time difference, he would wake up early on weekends to watch games.


He revealed that Kevin Garnett is his “spirit animal” and KG’s competitive edge is something he tries to emulate on the tennis court:

“As a tennis player, there’s a lot I’ve learned from how insanely competitive KG is,” he wrote. “Even now, when he’s 39 years old, he’s still a maniac. He might offend some people, but at the end of the day sport is about winning or losing. Everything KG does, he does to help his team win. How can a guy play in the NBA from age 19 to 39 and stay on top? There’s the only one answer. Competitiveness. Crazy, crazy competitiveness.”