6 notes and observations from the first day of Celtics training camp

The Celtics held their first training camp practice on Tuesday.

 Celtics players and coaches gather together during the team's training camp on Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2019, in Boston.
Celtics players and coaches gather together during the team's training camp on Tuesday. –(AP Photo/Elise Amendola

The Celtics held the first day of training camp at the Auerbach Center on Tuesday. Members of the team, including head coach Brad Stevens, guard Kemba Walker, and forward Jayson Tatum spoke to the media about the team’s progress while players ended practice with a shoot around and worked on individual skills.

Here are some observations from the day:

Head coach Brad Stevens reflected on the first day of practice:

“I thought our guys did a good job of picking up stuff quickly, we got a lot in on the first day,” Stevens said. We’ll be able to take the film later on this afternoon and talk about how we can improve and get ready for tomorrow.”


He said as far as Kemba Walker’s ‘adjustment, Walker is doing well: “It’s just feel, getting used to everyone around and how we operate, the structure of the practice. There’s always little things that are just a little bit different everywhere you go. Basketball stuff he picks up really quick, he’s obviously very smart but he’s also played forever and for a bunch of different coaches. So, he’s ready to roll.”

Stevens also discussed the team’s ball movement this season and how Jayson Tatum, specifically, is improving on that.

“At times we were really good last year, we were much better offensively statistically than we were the year before…Everybody benefits from good and precise ball movement and high motor offense…I thought Jayson [Tatum] was very good with that just like I expected. I thought he came off of a strong couple of games before he got hurt, and he was in here last week. You could tell he was ready to go.”

Jayson Tatum worked on his shooting

Tatum said during media day that he wants to work on shooting “threes and layups”, as well as getting to the free throw line. Tatum’s three-point percentage dipped last season to 37.3 percent, but Tatum, committed to improving, showed off his three-point shooting during practice on Tuesday.


Kemba Walker praised the team’s chemistry

Point guard Kemba Walker is expected to help lead the Celtics this season and has stressed how important team cohesion is to him. He admitted he was a “little nervous” for the first practice but that he, “wants the team to get used to him.” Walker continued to reiterate how the team is getting along:

“We all know each other in some ways, from playing each other over the years,” Walker said. “They know I’m not a wild guy, if I do have something to say it’s only for the best. The chemistry will get there, as the days go by.”

He also said that playing together over the summer for Team USA really helped:

“Me being with [Marcus] Smart, JB [Jaylen Brown] and JT [JaysonTatum] definitely helped. Those are kind of the core guys and I’ve known Gordon for a long time as well… The guys are cool, we have some high character guys. Really good guys who work hard. We all have respect for one another.”

Romeo Langford’s thumb appeared to be fine. 

Rookie guard Romeo Langford said that he has “no restrictions” from his thumb-injury. After working on his shot this summer with a ping-pong paddle taped to his hand, he said that his “shot has improved a lot” since then, which was evident during practice.

Tacko Fall dunked on Vincent Poirier:

While center Tacko Fall’s agent is putting heat on the Celtics to give him a spot on the roster, Fall was putting in work on the first day of practice and dunked on center Vincent Poirier.


Enes Kanter and Fall worked together on their post moves:

Fall also worked out with Enes Kanter, who he seems to be getting along with both on and off the court. Fall highlighted Kanter’s charisma on Monday saying, “Enes is the type of person that I always want to be around because he has such a positive aura around him and is such a great person with the biggest heart.”

The two bigs played one-on-one during practice.