Jaylen Brown designed both suits he wore to galas this week

Jaylen Brown attends the annual Shamrock Foundation Tip-Off Gala. Photo by Scott Eisen/Boston Celtics

While his teammates repped high fashion designers like Fendi and Chanel, Celtics forward Jaylen Brown donned his own work this week.

At both the team’s tip-off gala Thursday and his own community gala Saturday, Brown wore suits he designed himself. The soon-to-be 23-year-old started the process when he was in China for Team USA, often staying in his hotel room to ideate and sketch. He ended up developing the framework for a pair of double-breasted, two-toned suit jackets — one that was green and black, in honor of the Celtics, and another that was red and blue.

“I put a shiny glaze to it that I picked out,” he noted. “I added a little bit of gloss to it.”


The two suits are Brown’s lone creations, but he hopes to design more in the future. Through research and practice, he plans to become more well-versed in the technical aspects of the industry, like the characteristics of certain fabrics and silhouettes.

Brown has attended Paris Fashion Week the past two years, and he cited Virgil Abloh’s work at Louis Vuitton as something he admires. As a fellow at the MIT Media Lab, he also met Chris Bevans, an American designer who has created menswear for the likes of LeBron James, Roger Federer, and John Legend. Brown indicated he and Bevans could collaborate in the near future, too.

“I’m just trying to learn,” Brown said. “I think I’m a creative person, and I like to express myself through the things that I do,” he said. “You can tell somebody’s mood by the way they’re dressed, like all black or their hair is in a ponytail or they have a suit on or they’re dressed down. You can kind of tell the vibe or the way they’re going with the way they dress.”

As for whether he’ll offer his services for his teammates?

He’s happy to, but it’ll come at a cost.


“For a nice charge,” he said with a smile.


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