What Jaylen Brown said after scoring 32 points in the Celtics’ win over the 76ers

"Tonight I wanted to make sure that I left my imprint on the game."

Jaylen Brown scored 32 points in the Celtics' win over the Sixers on Saturday.
Jaylen Brown scored 32 points in the Celtics' win over the Sixers on Saturday. –(AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

Jaylen Brown led all scorers with 32 points in the Celtics’ 116-95 win over the 76ers on Saturday night.

However, he wasn’t that impressed with his overall scoring performance. The first thing Brown commented about in his post-game press conference was his poor shooting night from 3-point range.

“I was 1-10 from 3…s—,” Brown said when looking at the box score from Saturday’s game.

Still, Brown led the Celtics offense on a night where they really needed him to step up as the team was missing their leading scorer, Kemba Walker, due to knee soreness.

And Brown needed to step up against a 76ers team that he’s struggled against this season. In the three previous matchups against Philadelphia, Brown averaged 7.3 points per game and shot just 29.6 percent from the field.


Brown, who shot 13 of 23 from the field on Saturday, wanted to be aggressive in this meeting against the Sixers.

“I haven’t played as well against Philly as I would’ve like the first three times,” Brown said. “So, tonight I wanted to make sure that I left my imprint on the game.”

One of the reasons why Brown has struggled against Philadelphia this season is the defense from 76ers rookie guard Matisse Thybulle.

Brown was able to get the best of Thybulle on a play late in the third quarter on Saturday. Brown used his newly found ball-handling skills, plus a little hesitation, to get past Thybulle while driving to the rim for a layup.

After the play, Brown made some sort of gesture towards Thybulle and the Sixers bench.

“Nah, not at all,” Brown said when asked if it was personal. “Matisse is a good defender. He’s a young, talented rook. He’ll be alright. It was nothing personal.”

While Brown didn’t shoot well from 3-point range on Saturday, he made nearly every 2-point shot he took (12-13).

The modern NBA has moved against taking that many mid-range jump shots and focuses more on taking 3-pointers and shots in the paint.


That doesn’t deter Brown from shooting 2-point shots, though. He said that he’ll take whatever the defense gives him.

“Just taking what the defense gives me. If it’s a good shot and it’s open, it’s going down for me,” Brown said. “I know the analytics say this and say that you know, but if I got a good look I think the coaching staff wants me to take it. Tonight, with Kemba out, I obviously got more opportunity than normal, so I try to take advantage.”

Finally, Saturday night was the first time Brown spoke to the media since he found out that he was not named to the All-Star roster on Thursday.

Averaging career-highs in points (20.1) and rebounds (6.6), while also playing for one of the top teams in the league, Brown made a strong case to be named an All-Star for the first time in his career this season.

Despite that, he wasn’t selected for the roster. But he’s not going to harp on it and instead focus on the big picture: the playoffs.

“It is what it is. Ain’t no reason to cry over spilled milk,” Brown said. “Getting ready to head into the playoffs is what my mind is on right now. All-Star break, I’ll probably go on vacation. Get my mind, get my body right for the playoffs because that’s it. That’s the stage you want to be on. I think some people got it backwards. I’m just going to continue to get better.”