Grant Williams compared Celtics and Lakers players to Space Jam characters

When Daffy Duck strutted out, he didn't hesitate to seal his own fate: "That's definitely me."

Celtics forward Grant Williams looks to pass. Todd Kirkland/AP Photo

Grant Williams is doing his best to make the most out of life without the NBA.

The Celtics rookie, on his Instagram story Saturday, compared Celtics players, and a few Lakers, to characters from the movie “Space Jam.”

First, he dubbed Marcus Smart the Tasmanian Devil, aka Taz. Then Lola Bunny was introduced, and he said “Oh, look at JT,” referring to Jayson Tatum. “Pretty boy, JT. When Lola Bunny dribbled the ball through her legs and made a move, Williams said “Jayson Tatum, right there. Side-step.”

Next up came Daffy Duck. “Ahh, crap,” Williams said. “That might be me. Goofball.” Then Daffy strutted out onto the court and was disappointed when the crowd was silent. “That’s definitely me,” Williams added.


He considered his options and gave Jaylen Brown the role of Bugs Bunny. “Then the leader, Kemba Walker,” Williams said, as Michael Jordan ran through the tunnel. “Calm, cool, and collected.” Williams called Gordon Hayward “the old lady,” aka Granny, and Tremont Waters became Tweety.

Williams put the Celtics up against the Los Angeles Lakers. “It’s only fitting, right?” Then as the Monstars menacingly ran out, Williams named them LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Dwight Howard, noting how tall they are. He gave Rajon Rondo the title of “the short one” and rounded out the five with Kyle Kuzma. “Kuzma gotta be the green one, with the pink hair.”

Rob Pelinka, the Lakers general manager surfaced as Mr. Swackhammer, then Wayne Knight, aka Stan Polodak, came on the screen,” and Williams asked, “Is that Brad?” referring to teammate Brad Wanamaker … not coach Brad Stevens.

Then Walker, aka Jordan, gave the team a speech at halftime, and Bugs, aka Jaylen, put the finishing touches on Jordan’s “Secret Stuff.” “Is that Smart Juice?” Williams asked. He then referenced Brown’s “new haircut” as Bugs bulked up. “He about to go for 20 and 10, huh? No more flat top. He got the muscles now, huh?”


As a Monstar flew at Tatum, aka Lola, in the second half, Brown, aka Bugs, dove to save the day. “Anything to protect Jayson, right, JB? Fire and ice, man. Fire and ice.” Then Wanamaker got pummeled by Monstars, and his shot somehow found its way into the hoop. “Cash! Leads the league in 3-point percentage, huh?” Williams added.

“Here comes (Daniel) Theis to save us,” Williams said, as Bill Murray entered. “Perhaps I could be of some assistance,” Murray said. Then Theis gave Daffy advice, and Williams confessed he needs it, saying he fouls “all the time.” “You get six fouls, right?” Williams said. “Might as well use all six of them.”


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