Enes Kanter video chats with health care workers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital

"They're putting their life on the line."

Boston, MA, 12/22/2019 -- Celtics Enes Kanter reacts after a play against the Hornets during the second half of play at TD Garden. (Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff) Topic: Reporter: Jessica Rinaldi / The Boston Globe, File

The emergency room staff at Brigham and Women’s Hospital was treated to a surprise Friday afternoon, when Celtics center Enes Kanter called to thank the group for its efforts amid the coronavirus outbreak.

“They’re putting their life on the line,” Kanter said in a phone conversation later Friday. “They just want to make this world better. They just want people to feel better.”

Kanter spoke to the staff via video chat and also engaged in a short Q&A. He asked a few questions of his own, inquiring, for example, about the length of a typical shift.

“I was complaining about a two-hour practice, they’re talking about 12 hours,” he said. “I’m like, ‘Wow, this is incredible.'”


Kanter, who is currently in Chicago while the NBA remains suspended, said he plans to continue to reach out to health care workers to express his appreciation.

“My favorite superhero used to be Incredible Hulk,” he said. “I wish I told them my new favorite superhero is you guys.”

As for the rest of his free time, Kanter said he spends at least two hours a day on Tik Tok. He also has been reading, watching documentaries, and learning how to cook as well as how to play the piano.

“I feel like this is the best time to invest in yourself, educate yourself,” Kanter said.

The Celtics’ strength staff has been in touch with players so that they can try to stay in shape despite not having access to gyms. If the league does resume play, Kanter anticipates teams will need at least two or three weeks of training camp before getting back on the court for games.

“You cannot just say, ‘OK, we’re playing a game a week later,'” Kanter said.

Like everyone else, Kanter doesn’t know what to expect in terms of scheduling, playoff format, venue, or other logistics. He recognizes the interrupted season will create complications with the draft, free agency, Summer League, and next season, but he’s hopeful basketball will be back soon.


“We are competitors,” Kanter said. “We want to go out there and for sure finish the season. We actually have a really, really good chance to go out there and win a championship. For sure, you want to go out there and compete. If, or I hope when, the season returns, it’s player safety and fan safety first.”

Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

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