Here’s what Mayor Wu said in response to LeBron James calling Boston fans ‘racist as f***’

"I would be happy to take LeBron around and show him the Boston that I know, that I love."

Michelle Wu LeBron James
Boston Mayor Michelle Wu speaks with the media at a press conference on July 6, 2022. Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff

After LeBron James recently described experiencing racism while playing agains the Celtics in Boston, Mayor Michelle Wu offered a response on Monday.

James, 37, was asked during an episode of HBO’s “The Shop” earlier in July about why he hates Boston fans.

“Because they’re racist as f***,” James replied. “That’s why.”

James noted that fans in Boston will “say whatever the f*** they want,” and that he’s been hit with a beer leaving a game at TD Garden.

Over the decades, many other players have also documented experiencing racism from Celtics fans. This includes past and present Boston players.


During a Monday interview on WBUR’s “Radio Boston,” show host Tiziana Dearing played the soundbite of James for the Boston Mayor.

“I don’t want to downplay the experience particularly of players who have lifted up this concern, especially those who have been in the game for a long time and have had exposure in Boston in years past,” said Wu. “Boston has had that reputation nationally, and it is something that we have to confront and address.

“We are also a city that is very dedicated to eradicating racism in every space,” Wu continued. “I am proud to be a Celtics fan and I will be up there in the balcony cheering my heart out, and it gets intense up there.”

Wu was asked if she has ever heard racism in the stands.

“I have not heard specific racist chants, but we do get a little edgy in Boston,” she replied. “We do use words that I would not use, that I would not want my kids to use in chanting at games. And that in some ways is part of our…we are hardcore fans here in Boston.”

Wu concluded by inviting the Lakers star to Boston for a tour by the mayor herself.


“I would be happy to take LeBron around and show him the Boston that I know, that I love, and that we are building here to really make sure that everyone is included in our city.”


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