Here’s who was sitting courtside at Celtics-76ers’ Game 7 in those big red boots — and why

Many fans took note of the bold fashion choice on Twitter.

As Jayson Tatum dazzled on the court during Celtics-76ers’ Game 7, a number of fans couldn’t help but notice the objectively absurdly large big red boots courtside behind him at TD Garden, with many taking to Twitter to make sure they weren’t alone in their observation.

Which begged the question: Who was the man in the boots?

Well, luckily for those wondering, he revealed himself.

It was none other than DraftKings co-founder — and Celtics fan — Matt Kalish, who had a seat next to Patriots great Julian Edelman no less.

“Cooked [James Harden] tonight,” he tweeted. “Boots def had him shook, feel I was worth 1.5 points tonight.”

The boots were apparently a gift from Paul Liberman, another DraftKings co-founder, and — somewhat unsurprisingly — had a promotional element.

The boots (“Big Red Boot”), meanwhile, are from MSCHF and retail for $350 — but are currently sold out. And they’ve become a bit of a thing.


As for the man next to Kalish, he was reportedly unimpressed.


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