Five Things That are Different for the Media This Year

Reporters covering this year’s Boston Marathon are facing new restrictions and increased security as a result of the events of 2013.

1. No bags. Just like everyone along the route, members of the media are not allowed to have backpacks. About a half dozen media bags were left at the hotel because of this rule.

2. Movement restrictions. In Hopkinton, the media is being told to stay in place. We are not given as much free range to walk around as in years past.

3. General Confusion. Because so much of Copley Square is blocked off, buses left from a different location than in previous years. That was a little confusing from some media veterans, who are used to catching the bus outside the Fairmont Copley Plaza. There were lots of lost-looking media inside the hotel.


4. Increased media presence. The media is far more eclectic than in years past. There are a lot of first-timers on the bus, including two women from the Media Center for the Blind who are covering visually-impaired runners.

5. No special treatment. The press badge only does so much for you: We are subject to search is just like everyone else.

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