‘Run Boston Run’ Video Captures the Spirit of the Boston Marathon

This past week as thousands of runners and spectators came together for the Boston Marathon, the city showed the world what it means to be “Boston Strong.’’ And a new video, called “Run Boston Run,’’ captures this mantra, along with the spirit of the city.

The video features a montage of scenes from this year’s Boston Marathon as well as scenes from around the city in the days leading up to the race. Boston.com caught up with the man behind the video, 30-year-old Scott Goergen, who is originally from Rochester, N.Y. and now lives in Boston’s North End.


So, tell us about yourself. How did all of this come together?

I moved to Boston for work and I’ve been here for about a year and a half now. Being in Boston in this timeframe, I’ve seen a lot. It was beyond inspiring just hearing all of the stories and seeing the different events that played out in the community after last year’s marathon.

What inspired you to create this video?

What really inspired me was the community and what happened after last year’s marathon events. To see the city of Boston come together to rally around the survivors and the first responders is something I will never forget.

I heard about the Sports Illustrated cover photo shoot that was happening on the radio, so I thought what a cool thing it would be to check out. So I went down to the finish line. I thought I would be there with just a few people and there were just thousands of people. I was blown away by how many people showed up. And when the first responders came, the crowed cheered.

What is your background in videography?

It’s just something that I’ve always really enjoyed doing. I didn’t go to school for it or anything. It’s something that I do for fun and I like working on projects that inspire me and obviously the Marathon was something that was pretty inspiring to witness.


What were you hoping to capture?

The sense of community and the human spirit. There are always different ups and downs that people go through in life, but I think I encompassed what a great city Boston is. There’s so much history in Boston, there’s so much pride with its sports teams, and such a great sense of community. So I wanted to put together something that showed the city rallying and coming together after everything that happened last year.

How did the video come together in terms of shooting?

I’ve always been interested in photo and video. I try to take my camera out as often as I can. I’ve taken a lot of shots throughout Boston and a few weeks ago, I took a helicopter tour around Boston and took photos and videos.

What compelled me to create the video was really seeing the response to the Sports Illustrated cover shoot — seeing that many people come out at 7 a.m. on a Saturday. I also had a friend that ran in the Marathon, so a group of us went to the mile 10 mark to cheer, and I also went to the finish line to capture images. I expected it to be emotional, but I was blown away by all the people chanting and cheering.

What was your experience like at the Boston Marathon?

It was surreal. I was in the city last year, but didn’t attend the Marathon. This year, just going around and seeing how many people showed up and how people were cheering and chanting, it was really exciting for me. You’d think some people would be scared attending this year’s Marathon, but there were just so many people out there cheering and chanting and encouraging people to finish. It was something I will never forget.


What was your experience last year during the Marathon?

I was in the office and I remember a coworker was on Twitter and said, “I think a bomb just went off.’’ Before we knew it, it was on CNN. I remember that day and the [following] week were pretty surreal. I’ve had family members that have run in the past. I was pretty shocked and saddened that something so positive could have been hit like that. But there were some pretty cool silver linings that day seeing how bystanders jumped in to help out.

Is there anything else you are planning to do with this video? What’s next?

Not really. I was compelled to make it for fun and try to capture all the inspiration throughout Boston within the past year and the day of the Marathon. I want to do more video projects like that, but that’s pretty much it for this one.

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