Boston Marathon

Why I’m Running: Jason Burke is running ‘Double Boston’ to extend his streak

"This year, I will be doing a 'Double Boston' when I travel to Hopkinton on foot, starting in Copley Square around 6 a.m."

Jason Burke, with his kids, Lily and Simon, in Cleveland Circle during the 2017 Boston Marathon.

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Name: Jason Burke
Age: 40
From: Chestnut Hill
Bib #: 6436

As a runner from Waltham, having the world’s best race in my backyard drew me to banditting the 1994 race in high school and falling in love with “Boston.” I’ve since run each race since 1996, and, while I’d love to experience cheering from the sidelines, I could not pass up extending my Boston streak to 23 years and getting to have a beer with cousins at Newton City Hall, snapping a picture with my kids and wife at 22.5 miles, and meeting my parents for a celebratory drink at J.J. Foley’s after I cross the finish line.


This year, I will be doing a “Double Boston” when I travel to Hopkinton on foot, starting in Copley Square around 6 a.m. and running westbound, witnessing the course coming to life before turning back around in Hopkinton and joining the 30,000 runners on the trek back to Boston. As the years pass by, I aim to smell the roses and appreciate having such an amazing event in my town and always enjoy getting to see the same faces along the course year after year.

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