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Why I’m Running: Lori Riggles is running Boston 2 years after getting hit by a truck

"April 17, 2016? I had a completely broken body and was expected to die. April 16, 2018? I will be running the Boston Marathon!"

Lori Riggles. Courtesy

In our “Why I’m Running” series, Boston Marathon runners share what’s inspiring them to make the 26.2-mile trek from Hopkinton to Boston on April 16, 2018. Editor’s note: Due to the number of submissions already received, we are no longer accepting entries for this year’s race.

Name: Lori Riggles
Age: 50
From: Ramer, Alabama
Bib #: 29070

Being hit by a truck while running on April 17, 2016, was not what I planned on. Unconscious for five days, I was not expected to live. The right side of my body had to be basically rebuilt. After countless surgeries, physical, occupational, and cognitive therapy, the real work began. As I was being wheeled into my home in a wheelchair from a rehabilitation center in the summer, I somehow knew that I would run again. Hard work does not come close to describing what I have worked on. Now, I am running miles at a time without the wheelchair, thanks to great medical services, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and the inspiration from other runners. So, I am really grateful for the people who helped me run again. I am a teacher. Work ethic, perseverance, and never giving up are what I teach my students. I now truly know how important those principles are. My faith and the prayers of my community have gotten me where I am. I have been a lifelong runner, and I can’t wait to complete the Boston Marathon two years after my accident. April 17, 2016? I had a completely broken body and was expected to die. April 16, 2018? I will be running the Boston Marathon! I am running for Team Fearless because when I was a child I saw a picture of Kathrine Switzer’s triumph through adversity when running the Boston Marathon. This inspired me to persevere through my own adversities throughout my life. I am running Boston in honor of my late grandmother-Nana, who was the most fearless women I have ever known. With her as my role model and many prayers, I have pushed past what anyone thought possible and run the 2017 Boston Marathon on the one-year anniversary of my accident. I plan to keep pushing through adversity and run every day of my life!


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