That Boston Marathon pregnancy announcement? It didn’t go quite as planned.

"I really wish I could have seen it after crossing the finish line."

Xavier and Cassi De La Torre
Xavier and Cassi De La Torre in Boston for the Boston Marathon. –Cassi De La Torre

As 26-year-old Xavier De La Torre ran the Boston Marathon for the first time on Monday, his wife waited at the finish line with big news.

Cassi De La Torre, 24, held up a sign that read, “A new little runner is approaching the finish line / December 2018.” She wanted to surprise her husband with the announcement of her third pregnancy.

But Xavier never finished the race.

In Monday’s cold, rainy, and windy conditions, he said he began shivering and shaking and had to stop into a medical tent at mile 15.

“I’m not going to be able to go anymore,” Xavier said he told the crew inside.


He didn’t get to see Cassi’s sign until he was reunited with his wife later on at an area set up for runners and their families.

“It was pretty cool,” Xavier said of the poster. “I really wish I could have seen it after crossing the finish line.”

The De La Torres have been together for eight years, married for four years, and have two daughters, ages 5 and 2. They met while running track together in high school and both currently work as cross country coaches at their former high school in Bayard, New Mexico. The couple was thrilled when Xavier qualified for the Boston Marathon, and they raised $4,000 through fundraisers to pay for the trip, Cassi said.

When Cassi learned she was pregnant earlier this month, she decided she’d keep the news from her husband and tell him with a sign at the finish line in Boston. But on Monday, as Cassi stood in the rain, poster in hand, tracking her husband’s race, something happened that she didn’t anticipate: She noticed that Xavier had stopped running.

“I was freaking out at the finish line,” she said.

She worried that something was wrong and, as her friends tried to calm her down, she said she clutched her cell phone underneath her poncho and hoped he would call. About 20 minutes later, Xavier managed to borrow a phone in the medical tent.


“He ended up calling me and telling me he got super cold at mile 15,” she said. “By the time he called me, of course I’m still freaking out, and I completely forgot to tell him I was pregnant.”

She stuffed the sign into a trash bag to keep it dry and rushed off with a friend to meet him. When they were reunited, Cassi pulled the sign out and held it up for Xavier as he stood before her wrapped in a blanket.

Xavier and Cassi De La Torr
Cassi De La Torre showing Xavier De La Torre the sign announcing her pregnancy when they were reunited at the Boston Marathon. —Cassi De La Torre

“Of course, he was still in shock from the cold and stuff so he didn’t have such a big reaction at first,” Cassi said.

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Xavier said he was thrilled with the news, but not very surprised.

“I’ve been telling her she was [pregnant],” he said with a laugh, because he said his wife has been feeling tired and sick lately.

Cassi said it’s true that he has guessed a few times, but she had denied it because she wanted to announce it in Boston.

As for the marathon, Xavier said he hopes to run another Boston in the future.

“For sure, I want to come back,” he said. “It’s something that I want to finish and accomplish. There’s a lot that went into it. So it’s kind of a real big disappointment.”

But Xavier said the news of the baby has brought him joy.

“I’m excited,” he said. “I think it was time for an extra one.”