Burcin Bozkaya started running at 42. This Boston will be his 9th marathon.

"Running in the Boston Marathon, the oldest in the world, is the dream of every runner including me."


In our “Why I’m Running” series, Boston Marathon runners share what’s inspiring them to make the 26.2-mile trek from Hopkinton to Boston on April 15, 2019. 

Name: Burcin Bozkaya
Age: 47
From: Istanbul, Turkey
Bib #: 26009

I started running at age 42 when I thought I would not even be able to finish even half a mile. Today, after five years, I am going to run my 9th marathon in Boston on April 15. Since I started running, I have seen so many people around me running for a cause, and to raise awareness and support for many charity organizations. This moved me, and I realized this is also what I wanted to do to add more meaning to my running life! I have since supported cancer foundations in Turkey and raised money by just running! Most recently, I ran for Leukaemia Care in the 2018 London Marathon.


Running in the Boston Marathon, the oldest in the world, is the dream of every runner including me. I will be running it for IMPACT Melanoma, which makes it even more special because I am not only going to make a personal dream come true, but will also be able to help people who suffer from melanoma and who are in desperate need. Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer in the world. But with early diagnosis, it is highly treatable (yet many people unfortunately lose the battle), and I would like to dedicate this most meaningful marathon of my life to this cause to raise awareness in my network and in the community.

I encourage everyone who reads this to support my cause.

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