Daniel O’Neill is running Boston to raise awareness about type 1 diabetes

"I have lived with diabetes for 20 years."


In our “Why I’m Running” series, Boston Marathon runners share what’s inspiring them to make the 26.2-mile trek from Hopkinton to Boston on April 15, 2019. 

Name: Daniel O’Neill
Age: 24
From: Wellesley, Massachusetts
Bib #: 26802

On April 15th I will be running my third consecutive Boston Marathon for JDRF in support of type 1 diabetes. I have lived with diabetes for 20 years. Despite dealing with its constant difficulties, many who come across me wouldn’t know I have the disease. Running the Boston Marathon the past two years has brought a new light to this large part of my life.

This event has not only allowed me to be more open regarding the challenges of diabetes, it has also given me a unique platform to connect with other type 1 diabetics and raise awareness for the disease. Whether it is a type 1 diabetic who wants to take control of this disease, or someone who simply needs everyday support — the marathon has allowed people like myself to connect and support one another.


Although I will cross the finish line on April 15th, the finish line for type 1 diabetes is still nowhere in sight. With your generous support we can make finding a cure to type 1 diabetes more of a reality for all battling the disease every day.

I am very excited for Marathon Monday!

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