Bobby Valentine’s status a hot topic in New York

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NEW YORK — Bobby Valentine, a former Mets manager, was a subject of conversation and debate here at the start of the Red Sox’ season-ending series vs. the Yankees. He was asked the usual questions about his future and gave the usual shrugs.

Valentine has a huge contingent of media supporters in New York from his time with the Mets, and they have watched the Red Sox saga unfold. Most of them understand that Valentine had a lack of support from management from the outset and that he seemed doomed to failure with a subpar roster. They also understand that Valentine can create his own problems by being too honest.


Then Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington showed up here, driving up speculation that Valentine would be gone before the end of the Yankee series. The Sox GM dodged questions about Valentine to those reporters who asked and told some that he would address the situation Tuesday, whatever that means.

The prevailing theory is that the Red Sox will fire Valentine on Friday, though the team claims such meetings have not been scheduled. Valentine remains completely unaware of what may happen.

As one press box veteran at Yankee Stadium said after a series vs. the Blue Jays, “The Yankees are hoping they get John Farrell.’’

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