Report: John Henry seeking minority owner for Fenway Sports Group

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The Fox Business reporter who wrote in September the Red Sox could be exploring a potential sale now says Red Sox owner John Henry is looking for a minority owner for his Fenway Sports Group.

The Red Sox denied the report, as they did in September. Henry himself denied the September report in emails to reporters and in an interview on WEEI.

“There is absolutely no truth to any other sale or claim that John Henry is selling the team or a piece of FSG,’’ Red Sox spokeswoman Zineb Curran told Charlie Gasparino, the Fox reporter.

Gasparino wrote that despite the denials, “the latest word around baseball circles is that Henry is seeking a minority owner for the Fenway Sports Group, the holding company that owns the Red Sox.’’


The report also says the move is in response to the performance of Henry’s investment company and Fenway Sports Group’s acquisition of the Liverpool soccer team in the English Premier League.

In the report, an unnamed baseball executive commented on the state of Henry’s business affairs.

“He’s getting killed in Liverpool and the Red Sox basically break even or make a few bucks. NESN does very well, but having a partner will make him feel better from a financial standpoint,’’ the executive said.

Henry’s group has owned the Red Sox since 2002.

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