How the runs scored in Wednesday night’s Red Sox-Yankees game

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 RED SOX — Ellsbury popped to short. Nava singled to left. Pedroia singled to center, sending Nava to second. Napoli flied to center, sending Nava to third. Saltalamacchia singled to center, scoring Nava, sending Pedroia to third. Middlebrooks struck out. ONE RUN, THREE HITS, TWO LEFT.


 RED SOX — Victorino singled to center. Bradley was hit by a pitch. Iglesias grounded into fielder’s choice, Victorino out, catcher to third baseman, sending Bradley to second. Ellsbury walked. Nava was hit by a pitch, scoring Bradley. Eppley relieved Kuroda. Pedroia hit into a double play, shortstop to first baseman. ONE RUN, ONE HIT, TWO LEFT.



 RED SOX — Napoli grounded to second. Saltalamacchia singled to right. On Eppley’s wild pitch, Saltalamacchia to second. Middlebrooks struck out. Victorino singled to left, scoring Saltalamacchia. Victorino stole second. Bradley singled to center, scoring Victorino. Iglesias doubled to left, sending Bradley to third. Warren relieved Eppley. Ellsbury singled to center, scoring Bradley and Iglesias. Nava grounded to second. FOUR RUNS, FIVE HITS, ONE LEFT.


 YANKEES — Cano grounded to short. Youkilis struck out. Hafner homered (1) to center. Wells singled to left. Overbay grounded to first. ONE RUN, TWO HITS, ONE LEFT.


 RED SOX — Iglesias singled to left. Ellsbury reached on fielder’s choice, Iglesias out, second baseman to shortstop. Nava doubled to right, sending Ellsbury to third. Pedroia grounded to short, scoring Ellsbury. Napoli singled to shortstop, sending Nava to third. Saltalamacchia struck out. ONE RUN, THREE HITS, TWO LEFT.


 YANKEES — Francisco hit for Suzuki and was hit by a pitch. Cano flied to center. Aceves relieved Miller. Youkilis singled to center, sending Francisco to second. Hafner grounded out, catcher to first baseman, sending Francisco to third, Youkilis to second. Wells homered (1) to left. Overbay grounded to short. THREE RUNS, TWO HITS, NONE LEFT.

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