This Baseball Mascot Class Photo is Weird and Wonderful

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Before the National and American leagues squared off tonight, another ‘All-Star’ team took to the field for this group shot, shared by baseball’s own Billy the Marlin:

Well, most of the team is pictured here. Those are 26 of the 27 Major League Baseball team mascots—apparently Homer the Brave, the baseball-headed mascot for the Atlanta Braves, couldn’t be bothered to show up. To be fair, he looks just like Mr. Met and Rosie Red, and the photographer probably figured two baseball-heads were enough.

The picture is a reminder of the strange tradition of baseball mascots. Some are pretty straightforward; it stands to reason that the Toronto Blue Jays would have a blue jay, right? But why does Oakland have an elephant? And what the hell is a Philly Phanatic?


If you aren’t familiar with them all, check out this ranking of each of the MLB mascots according to a 10-year-old.

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