Internet Eats Up Pablo Sandoval’s Fat Tuesday Photo

There’s a picture floating around the web, taken Tuesday by our own Steve Silva, of Red Sox newcomer Pablo Sandoval looking a little paunchy.

Manyhaveinsinuated that Sandoval, whose nickname is Kung Fu Panda, might not be in tip-top shape on his first day of spring training in Fort Myers, Florida.

Listed on at 5’11’’ and 245 pounds, Sandoval was never going to be mistaken for the new, gaunt Matthew McConaughey. But without getting the man to step on a scale, it’s pretty clear Sandoval comes to camp with a sizable gut. Compare Sandoval Tuesday to an Instagram picture of Sandoval before last spring training with the Giants:


The comparison is a little unfair because one is a posed picture (think sucking in) from the front, and the other is a side view. and Silva reportedthat Sandoval appeared catlike in fielding drills Tuesday. Does a third baseman need to be in tip-top shape to hit .279 and swipe zero bags, like he did in San Francisco last year? We’ll find out.

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