Red Sox Set for the Future, Says ESPN

The Red Sox should contend even after David Ortiz is gone, ESPN says.
The Red Sox should contend even after David Ortiz is gone, ESPN says. –The Boston Globe

The Red Sox are in the best position in baseball to contend for years to come, according to ESPN’s recently updated Future Power Rankings.

Boston leads the list with an 87.3 overall score, based on five categories: major-league roster, minor-league roster, financial flexibility, management stability and mobility of assets, which roughly translates the amount of expensive, aging players on the roster. The first two are fully weighted, the second pair two-thirds and the fifth just one-third.

For reasons that at this point go without saying, the Red Sox get a 28 of 30 for finance, also nabbing high marks for their strong minor-league system (27) and stable management (27). Major league roster is just a 25, mostly for lack of a rotation ace, and the team’s mobility score is a comparably paltry 22.


The Dodgers rank second, largely based on their stacked current roster (29) and unprecedented willingness to spend (30).

Elsewhere in the AL East, the Yankees (58.2 overall) are eighth in the league based on a strong (29) finance score but poor majors (14) and minors (13) scores.

The Orioles rank ten spots lower at 18, with the poor state of their farm system (9) the biggest culprti.

The Rays rank a lowly 29th, a precipitous fall for what was once a perennial contender despite a near-total unwillingness to spend. The team gets tens for its major-league roster, management and mobility but just one point for its finances.

For the full (ESPN Insider-paywalled) list, click here.

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