The Angels used a police helicopter to dry the field before their doubleheader with the Red Sox

The Anaheim Police Department helicopter in action Monday.
The Anaheim Police Department helicopter in action Monday. –Pete Abraham/Twitter

The Angels might not know much about dealing with rain delays, but they sure know how to take care of the aftermath.

No, you’re not dreaming – that’s an Anaheim Police Department helicopter drying the field at Angel Stadium, waterlogged after last night’s rainout.

“It scatters and does help dry, with the power,’’ Angels vice president of communications Tim Mead said of his employer’s unorthodox blowdryer.

Summer rain is rare in Southern California – the team’s last rainout came way back in June 1995 – and so the outfield grass generally can’t absorb much water as fell Sunday night, Mead said. As such, the team is forced to take drastic measures to ensure the field is playable after a storm.


The team last used a chopper for this lesser-known but more-awesome purpose on Opening Day in 1998; in fact, Mead said, they used two.

“It’s certainly unique,’’ Mead said. “It shows a spirit of cooperation between the city and this organization, in utilizing resources to make sure that we can get these games in.’’

Lest anyone worry the citizens would be stuck with the bill – or worse, without a helicopter in an emergency – City of Anaheim public information officer Ruth Ruiz said the Angels are footing the bill, and the chopper would have been pulled from drying duty in the event of a call.

The Sox and Angels are set to square off at 5 p.m. and then again at 10 p.m., both times Eastern.

“We feel good about this afternoon’s game and this evening’s,’’ Mead said.

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