Dave Dombrowski hints at possibility of trading away young Red Sox

Dave Dombrowski left the GM meetings without a deal.
Dave Dombrowski left the GM meetings without a deal. –AP

In order to get something good in a baseball trade, you usually have to to give something good up.

New Red Sox president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski left baseball’s general managers meetings Thursday without consummating any deals, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. Dombrowski told reporters Thursday that the team was engaged in talks of all kinds. Reports earlier in the week suggested the Red Sox were very actively trying to make a trade.

On his way home from the meetings, Dombrowski dropped hints about what all that activity might mean.

“Again, at some point we’re going to most likely do something that is painful one way or the other,’’ Dombrowski said, via the Boston Globe. “But if you’re trying to get quality talent, you’re going to have to do that at some point.’’


“Painful’’ suggests trading away a good player to get another, and many of the good Red Sox players are young. Perhaps Dombrowski, who has a history of making big trades, is preparing Red Sox fans for that eventual inevitability.

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