Donald Trump introduced Clay Buchholz to his wife

“I know that meeting [Trump] really changed my perception of him. He was really nice to all of us.’’
“I know that meeting [Trump] really changed my perception of him. He was really nice to all of us.’’ –Jim Rogash/Getty Images


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Donald Trump will certainly have Clay Buchholz’s vote this fall.

The Red Sox pitcher says he met the businessman and 2016 presidential candidate on a trip to Anaheim in 2008. It was there that Trump introduced him to his wife, model/actress Lindsay Clubine.

“It was Sean Casey, myself, probably like eight or nine guys, and we went to a UFC fight after one game and then we went to the after party,’’ Buchholz told The Boston Globe. “My wife knew him prior, from ‘Deal or No Deal’ when he came on the show as a celebrity banker. She was helping him host this event in Anaheim. So when we all walked in, he was there, and he saw us and he introduced Lindsey to me.’’


Buchholz and Clubine got married on Nov. 14, 2009, at the Trump National Golf Club in Palos Verdes, Calif. They now have two children.

Clay Buchholz and his wife, Lindsay Clubine afer their wedding at Trump National Golf Club in 2009.

Trump and Buchholz have stayed in touch ever since.

“Every time I’m in New York, we walk over to Trump in 200Tower and see him if he’s around,’’ Buchholz said.

Buchholz has so far been a big supporter of Trump during his 2016 presidential campaign, pointing out that he particularly admires his persona.

“I’m not really into politics, but I’m watching a lot more now. He’s been awesome to me. He says what’s on his mind, which is why he’s accomplished so much in his life. I always found him to be a good-hearted person. He’s a lot of fun, but he’s obviously one of the smartest businessmen in the world, given what he’s been able to accomplish.’’

“His presence is different than anyone else. He speaks and everyone listens.’’

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