Young Red Sox fan with muscular dystrophy runs bases at Fenway Park

'That was so much fun, daddy'

This is my 9yr old son Liam he suffers from Duchesne Muscular Dystrophy this is his 4th time running the bases at Fenway Park in Boston and it might be his last Liam will lose the ability to walk in the coming years Like this if your proud of him please

Posted by Jeff Mcgourty on Sunday, May 15, 2016

Liam Mcgourty ran the bases at Fenway Park for the fourth time on Sunday.

Mcgourty, 9, was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy at the age of 2 1/2.  The genetic disease affects about 1 in 3,600 boys, many of whom will lose the ability to walk by the age of 12. In a video posted to Facebook by his father, Jeff, Mcgourty cruised around the bases with a smile on his face, stumbling a bit as he stepped over home plate but assuring his dad he was OK.

“That’s what he always says,” Jeff said on Thursday. “He fell last summer at camp and split his head open, and said ‘I’m OK, daddy.’ He needed three stitches and had a minor concussion. He’s a tough little bugger.”


A big baseball fan, Mcgourty travels with his dad each year to Red Sox spring training. His favorite player is David Ortiz. When Liam met Ortiz, Big Papi grabbed Jeff’s phone out of his hands and snapped a selfie.

David Ortiz snaps a selfie with Liam.
David Ortiz snaps a selfie with Liam. —Photo courtesy of Jeff Mcgourty

Recognizing this might be Liam’s last chance to round the bases, Jeff made sure to capture and share a video of the impressive trot.

“That was so much fun, daddy,” Jeff said Liam told him after the run. “I did it. I got all the way around.”

The Norwood-natives have set up a foundation to help raise money and awareness about Liam’s disease.

“I want everyone to know Liam. I want everyone to experience that smile,” Jeff said. “It would bring joy for my family to have everyone experience the life and the exuberance of this 9-year-old child that’s suffering but still has a smile on his face. It’s a wonderful thing.”

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