Pesky’s Pole being repaired as part of 2017 changes to Fenway Park

Right field box 5, Row F, Seat 10: Sure you're by the Pesky Pole, but look how close you are to the action.
Pesky's Pole is known in part for being covered in fan signatures. –SARA HENRY/ BOSTON.COM

The Boston Landmarks Commission has approved several changes to Fenway Park pitched by Red Sox ownership for the 2017 season, according to

The Sox proposed several ideas and were approved, including “the Repair and reinforcement of Right Field Foul Pole and new foundation” known as Pesky’s Pole, according to team spokesperson Zineb Curran. The pole earned its name during Johnny Pesky’s playing career in the 1940s, and was popularized by broadcaster Mel Parnell in the 1960s. The name became official in 2006 with a Red Sox ceremony on Pesky’s 87th birthday. The Red Sox hope the pole will not have to be replaced.


“The fact of the matter is that we really won’t know for certain the scope of this project until the pole is taken down and fully examined at the end of the season,” Curran wrote in an e-mail. “Our intent is to re-purpose as much of the existing pole as possible and only replace certain structural elements.” (Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story said the Red Sox would be replacing the entire pole) 

According to WBZ and the Boston Herald, other changes include a new video board replacing the Cumberland Farm’s sign in right field. One proposed change that was not approved was the addition of 124 seats where the dugouts currently stand, which would involve moving the dugouts forward.

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