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Nearing 70, Bill Lee remains the ‘Spaceman’

Former Red Sox pitcher Bill Lee shown pitching over the summer. Burlington Free Press/Glenn Russell

He lives in Craftsbury, Vt., just south of the Canadian border, and his days are full of reading and chopping wood.

Bill Lee will turn 70 next month, plans to pitch again next summer, of course, and calls himself a Zen Buddhist Rastafarian — a religious expressway fender-bender — who seeks out the wonder in each day, provided it doesn’t happen to find him first.

“I watched a four-point buck walk right by my nose today,” Lee said last week, switching quickly from a glowing review of his latest best read, Carl Hiaasen’s “Razor Girl.” “It was just a nice feeling — I had no urge to shoot it. I said, ‘Honey, do you know who that is?’ She said no. And I said, ‘That’s Bill Monbouquette. He came back as a four-point buck!’ ”


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