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Theo Epstein tried to jump off his amp while jamming with Eddie Vedder, and it didn’t go well

The architect of multiple World Series champions hasn't quite conquered a go-to guitarist move.

Foundation To Be Named Later co-founder Theo Epstein talks to media on the red carpet before the start of the Hot Stove Cool Music benefit concert at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston on April 29, 2017. Ben Stas for The Boston Globe

Theo Epstein helped to end baseball’s two longest curses. But when it comes to landing a jump off the top of his amplifier, the 43-year-old executive still has a little ways to go.

At the annual Hot Stove Cool Music concert at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston over the weekend (used as a fundraiser for a charity Epstein co-founded), the former Red Sox general manager leaped onstage to jam with Eddie Vedder. At the conclusion of one of the songs, Epstein—building to the finale—tried a standard guitarist move.

He hopped onto his amp and tried to jump off. It didn’t exactly go to plan:


Epstein jumped right back up after the tumble, unscathed.

He’s not quite at Marty McFly’s level of onstage agility yet: