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Dustin Pedroia roasted David Ortiz for not knowing his name after years as teammates

David Ortiz leans on Dustin Pedroia at the end of the game as they wait to congratulates teammates after a win. John Tlumacki/Globe staff

David Ortiz and Dustin Pedroia were teammates on the Boston Red Sox for 11 seasons, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they were on a first-name basis the whole time. According to the second baseman, Big Papi had no clue what his first name actually was well into their relationship.

While at The Roast of David Ortiz, hosted at the House of Blues on Thursday night, Pedroia shared a profane, comedic, “dead serious” anecdote from a home game against the Cleveland Indians in 2015.

“I had already been playing with David for nine years,” he told the crowd. “I hit right in front of him for nine years.”


Because they batted back-to-back, Ortiz and Pedroia were hanging out in the on-deck circle when the umpire left to use the bathroom. During the stoppage of play, the catcher on the opposing team walked over to them to pick up a loose ball that had rolled over to their area. Pedroia recalled the exchange that happened next:

The catcher comes up to me and goes, “Hey what’s up, Dustin?”

I go, “Hey, what’s up man?”

David walks over and goes, “What the f— did he call you?”

I go, “What?”

He goes, “What’d he call you?”

I said, “Dustin.”

He goes, “Why’d he call you that?”

I go, “That’s my f—— name.”

He goes, “Oh is that right?”

I go, “Yeah, bro. I played 1,600 games with you. They’ve actually said it 5,000 f—— times: ‘Now batting: No. 15 Dustin Pedroia.'”

He goes, “I thought it was Peewee.”

Even after the umpire had returned and was yelling at him to come to plate, Pedroia said he still took a moment to look at Ortiz in disbelief: “You thought my parents would name me f—— Peewee?”

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