Morning sports update: Dennis Eckersley says that he was ‘humliated’ after the incident with David Price

Baseball Hall of Famer and former Boston Red Sox pitcher Dennis Eckersley applauds during pregame ceremonies before a baseball game between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees at Fenway Park in Boston Saturday, Aug. 19, 2017. (AP Photo/Winslow Townson)
Dennis Eckersley applauds during pregame ceremonies before a game between the Red Sox and the New York Yankees at Fenway Park. –AP Photo/Winslow Townson

The Red Sox maintained their lead atop the AL East, while the Patriots coaching staff talked about their upcoming opponent.

Dennis Eckersley opens up about the July incident with David Price: For the first time since Price attacked him for his reaction to Eduardo Rodriguez’s stats, Dennis Eckersley has opened up on the tiff. In an interview with WEEI’s Rob Bradford, the NESN broadcaster said that he was “humiliated” and wishes the episode never happened.

“I’ve been doing this for a long time, not necessarily in the booth, but with NESN,” Eckersley said on Bradford’s podcast. “The years are starting to add up, but there’s been nothing like this year. You go back over it saying why, why did something like that happen? But to have enough distance from it now to say, well, things happen in this game. It just so happened to be me. I think it’s very unfortunate for everybody that’s connected with it, Red Sox, Price, me, whatever.”


The 62-year-old acknowledged that he hasn’t spoken to Price since, and it doesn’t seem like he ever will.

“Ultimately this comes back to the dude doesn’t like me,” Eckersley said. “I get it. It’s cool. Let’s move on… Why would I want to talk to him, you know? He’s not the first guy that doesn’t like me. I get it.”

He also has no plans to change his approach to broadcasting: “Not that they’re sensitive, but everyone wants to be talked about positive, make everything positive. It’s not that way. I’ve got to do my job. I can’t just be here, this flowery type commentary. You just can’t.”

Read more of Eckersley’s comments on WEEI.

Mookie Betts has 2 HRs, 6 RBIs as Red Sox roll past Athletics 11-1: The Red Sox, winners of five of their last six, pushed their American League East lead back to four games over the Yankees following New York’s loss to 2-1 loss to Tampa Bay. (, via AP)

David Ortiz and the Red Sox agree to a new role: The retired slugger won’t be making a comeback at the plate but will, nonetheless, still be involved with his former team. 

“I’m going to be doing different things with the Red Sox,” Ortiz told WEEI’s Rob Bradford. “I’m going to be up in the front office. Doing some things like going seeing players. That’s going to happen. At some point you’re going to see more often around, things like spring training. Pretty much what the other guys normally do.”


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