Alex Rodriguez tried to put a Yankees jacket on David Ortiz. It didn’t go so well.

REMOTE TRANSMISSION -- REMOTE TRANSMISSION---  4-16-2004:Boston,MA:GLOBE STAFF PHOTO/JIM DAVIS.........Red Sox'  Manny Ramirez (left) and David Ortiz (right), have a few laughs with New York Yankees thirdbaseman Alex Rodriguez (center) as the meet in leftfield at Fenway Park during Boston's batting practice. Rodriguez was almost traded to the Red Sox during the off season for Ramirez, but instead wound up in New York, and will make his first appearance in a Yankee uniform at Fenway Park tonight during the opening game of the four game series between the rival teams. outtake
David Ortiz has a few laughs with Alex Rodriguez in left field at Fenway Park during Boston's batting practice. –Jim Davis/Globe staff

Baseball analysts David Ortiz and Alex Rodriguez may be colleagues now at FOX Sports, but Ortiz has no intentions of supporting his former rival’s team any time soon.

While in the studio for the network’s postseason coverage, Ortiz was lounging in a chair and using his phone when Rodriguez snuck up behind him with a navy blue Yankees jacket. As the former New York third baseman tried to drape Big Papi with the coat, a confused Ortiz didn’t appear to be too bothered by the gesture. Until he looked down at the logo.

“Hey! Hey! Hey!” the retired slugger shouted upon realizing Rodriguez’s prank.


Ortiz promptly shook off the jacket, as other analysts laughed at A-Rod’s antics. Rodriguez shared a video of the incident on Twitter, asking his followers: “Hmmm, this Yankees jacket looks pretty good on David Ortiz, don’t you think?”

The Yankees have a 3-2 lead over the Houston Astros in the ALCS. Game 6 will be played on Friday at Minute Maid Park.


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