Alex Cora remembered the unusual details of his only Fenway Park home run

Alex Cora in 2007.
Alex Cora in 2007. –AP Photo/Don Wright

Alex Cora is only just starting as Red Sox manager, but he has a past with the Red Sox from his playing days.

Cora played with the Red Sox from 2005-2008. And while his defense and versatility (not to mention his clubhouse personality) were always seen as assets, power hitting certainly wasn’t Cora’s forte. In fact as he recently pointed out in a segment on MLB TV, Cora only hit one home run at Fenway Park in his career.

The circumstances were out of the ordinary. First, the home run came against the late, great Roy Halladay, who only rarely surrendered the long ball. And second, Cora’s home run was significantly aided by Blue Jays outfielder, Alex Rios:


Cora even charged that the Blue Jays tried to have the home run officially changed to an error in the box score.

“By the way, somebody on the other team, in Toronto, called the office,” Cora said. “They wanted to change that from a homer to an E9.”


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