The Yankees got Giancarlo Stanton. The Red Sox got a new beer partnership. Fans got angry.

Giancarlo Stanton New York Yankees
New Yankee Giancarlo Stanton answers questions during a press conference at the MLB winter meetings. –AP Photo/Willie J. Allen Jr.

With the MLB Winter Meetings underway, Red Sox fans have been eagerly awaiting an announcement about upcoming changes to the team next season.

They got one on Tuesday, but the news wasn’t exactly what they were hoping for.

In the wake of the Yankees’ monstrous acquisition of the league’s home run leader, Giancarlo Stanton, the Red Sox revealed Tuesday they have welcomed Sam Adams to the team. No, he’s not an under-the-radar power hitter you’ve never heard of, nor is he a prospect with a tantalizing career in the minors.

Sam Adams is the Boston-based craft brewery.


Entering an eight-year partnership with the team, Sam Adams is now “the official beer of the Boston Red Sox” — replacing longtime sponsor Budweiser.

“Both the Red Sox and Sam Adams are rooted in Boston tradition and history, and Jim Koch and the entire team are as passionate about beer as we are about baseball,” Red Sox president and CEO Sam Kennedy said in the press release. “We are excited for this long-term partnership, and look forward to working collaboratively to represent Boston through our two brands.”

The organization announced its new relationship on Twitter…

…just a day after the Yankees celebrated their new Bronx bomber.

One tweet undoubtedly garnered a much more positive reception than the other. Spoiler alert: It wasn’t the Red Sox’.

Fans flocked to the replies and expressed their dissatisfaction with the team’s moves — or lack thereof.

While in Orlando, president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski appeared to empathize with the fans’ sentiment. He acknowledged Tuesday that he would “like to be making a couple of announcements.”

“For sure, I’d rather be done right now,’’ he said. “You know you don’t unilaterally control that, but I’d much rather get things done quicker.”


The Winter Meetings conclude Thursday.