This map shows that, in the war of World Series hashtags, Red Sox fans are winning

By a lot.

A fan holds up a "Beat LA"sign as Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw struggles in the bottom of the first inning Tuesday night. –Jim Davis / The Boston Globe

There’s a reason they call it Red Sox Nation.

All but four states are rooting for the Boston Red Sox over the Los Angeles Dodger, according to an analysis of Twitter hashtags for the two World Series teams over the last week. The website tracked over 250,000 geotagged tweets and compared the number in each state that had supportive Red Sox hashtags (#dodamage, #redsoxnation, #dirtywater) against the number with supportive Dodgers hashtags (#ladetermined, #gododgers, #letsgododgers).

The Red Sox also won the overall popular vote, 153,124 tweets to 110,388 tweets. In Massachusetts, the count was 39,500 to 650 (the complete state-by state data can be viewed here).


Three of the four states that are rooting for the Dodgers were predictably out west, California, Hawaii, and Nevada. However, the state of Delaware was also found to be tweeting in favor of the Dodgers over the Red Sox by a more than 3-to-1 margin.

What’s up with Delaware?

Ryan Taylor, a trends analyst who worked on the map, theorized that perhaps the Mid-Atlantic state is home to many Baltimore Orioles fans and “there is a large chunk of people who want to see a division rival get beat.” But even in the hated New York Yankees’ home state, fans tweeted in support of the Red Sox by a 10,700-to-1,900 margin.

“There is always an outlier or two especially with the smaller states,” Taylor told

Indeed, a similar social media analysis earlier this year found that North Dakota was the only non-New England state in the entire country that was rooting for the New England Patriots in their Super Bowl matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles — even despite the fact that the Eagles’ starting quarterback Carson Wentz (who was injured at the time) went to North Dakota State University.

According to Taylor, North Dakota favoring Boston-area sports teams is a trend they’ve seen in other maps as well. In the map released Wednesday, there were 1,700 pro-Red Sox tweets compared to just 84 pro-Dodgers tweets from the Peace Garden State, which Taylor said was one of the most disproportionate differences in the country.


If anyone from North Dakota knows why the state is such a big fan of New England, please drop us a line.


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