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Morning sports update: Bill Simmons thinks it’s time to retire ‘Yankees suck!’

"We've transcended them."

Bill Simmons thinks it's time to move on from "Yankees Suck!"
Bill Simmons thinks it's time to move on from "Yankees Suck!" Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images

The Patriots encountered more resistance than expected from the Bills on Monday Night Football, but the result still went to script. Emerging with a 25-6 win, New England moved to 6-2 on the season.

Elsewhere, the Red Sox returned to Boston with the World Series trophy. The parade is scheduled for Wednesday.

Bill Simmons’s hot take on Red Sox fans: The Red Sox won their fourth World Series of the 21st century on Sunday, a total that continues to outpace the rival Yankees over the same period. Still, Boston fans regularly chant “Yankees suck!” even during non-Yankees games.

On a post-Series episode of his podcast, Simmons described to Sal Iacono, his regular guest, why he thinks it’s time to let go of the familiar chant:

The one thing that’s happened with the Red Sox that I don’t like – other than “Sweet Caroline” which is just an abomination in the eighth inning, I just can’t stand that they do that – but the “Yankees suck” chants that were happening at Fenway and then even happening [in Los Angeles], it’s like, ‘What are we doing?’ We’ve won four World Series’ now this century, [the Yankees have] won one. Why are we even letting the Yankees think we’re thinking about them at this point? We’ve transcended them.

“Oh, wow, shots fired,” Iacono said in response, but Simmons pressed.


“Shots fired? Four World Series’ to one this century. Congrats, you were better in the 20th century. I’m about now, Sal. It’s 2018.”

For his part, Iacono – a Mets fan with no allegiance in the series – said that he enjoyed the common “Yankees suck!” chant made by both Red Sox and Dodgers fans towards the end of the clinching Game 5.

“I thought it was like Rocky IV,” said Iacono. “Everybody came together at the end. It was like we have a common enemy.”

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